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Get Exclusive Discounts As A Founding Member at Lily Lake
(Opening Late June 2024)

Available to the first 50 members only!

*We require a $50 deposit to hold your place as a Founding Member at Lily Lake, which will be applied to your discounted membership upon opening.

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Benefits of A Founding Member



*** Founding members who increase their membership level at any point during the year will receive the 25% off their upgraded membership

*** Founding members can pause their membership for 60 days and still retain their Founders Discount

Founding Member Savings
Save 25% For Your First Year With Early Registration


Our Purpose

We believe families are craving a physical, in-person space to be together as a community.  Lily Lake was created for this reason.  As a homeschooling family, with both parents working, we struggled to find a place that met all our wants and needs so we set out to design it. 


Our goal is to provide this space where children can experience the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood while parents find a supportive environment that helps them juggle the competing demands of today’s world.

A Place To Grow

Secure Your Place at Lily Lake

Why Lily Lake?

Secure Your Place at Lily Lake

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