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Children in Classroom

Lily Lake Homeschool

A self-directed learning environment where homeschooled kids from all backgrounds and ages can spend their days together, free to come and go as best works for your family.


With learning guides and more structured training available, Lily Lake offers a place to explore, interact, and grow.

Why Lily Lake Homeschool?


A Better Hybrid School Model 

We believe in community, family, diversity, and being good humans. Our homeschool provides a space for these things to flourish.

How It Works

1 / Schedule A Free Tour

We love to show off our space and meet new friends.  Schedule a free 1-hour tour to learn more about what we offer

2 / Become A Member

Visit our membership page to view details on the different levels we offer.  Monthly membership fees are determined based on the amount of time your child plans to spend in the space each month.  We book on a two-hour time block throughout the week with an hour for community lunch/social time from 11:30-12:30.  No enrollment fees, no curriculum fees, no contract.  

3 / Book Your Sessions

Our simple online booking allows you to easily book time to attend Lily Lake.  We set a max number of children per session and once it’s full that session will close so the space will never feel like a zoo during spring break.  Additionally, at any given time you are able to see the number of slots open.  Have a child that’s a social butterfly, search for the busy slots.  Have a child that gets sensory overload easily?  Find the sessions that are most free.  

Get Started At Lily Lake

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