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Welcome to
Lily Lake 

A homeschool learning center and play cafe created to provide local families a shared space to work, learn, grow, and thrive. 

Located in Augusta, KS

Drawing Class

Our Purpose

We believe families are craving a physical, in-person space to be together as a community.  Lily Lake was created for this reason.  As a homeschooling family, with both parents working, we struggled to find a place that met all our wants and needs so we set out to design it. 


Our goal is to provide this space where children can experience the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood while parents find a supportive environment that helps them juggle the competing demands of today’s world.

Happy Cute Girl

Homeschool Learning Collective

A self-directed learning center and maker-space serving the greater Wichita area

Similar to the homeschool co-op design that has been around for decades, Lily Lake Homeschool Collective focuses on a bottom-up program design, while taking the pressure off of parents to do it all.  Through a membership model, we are able to hire learning guides to plan and implement learning opportunities based on the wants and needs of our members.  We believe that each family and child has different, unique needs and that those needs will change continuously.  Our goal is to provide individualized support to member families on their homeschool journey.

Play Cafe

A space designed specifically with parents of young children in mind

Specifically designed to be clutter-free, our play café provides a safe and stimulating environment for young children to play and burn energy. 


Caregivers can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing café experience while working or socializing with friends (or even doing nothing.) 


We partner with local food vendors to provide quality, healthy food that everyone will enjoy.

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